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Dr. Denton was the first light for me in this haze of confusion and total discomfort.  To realize that there are actually concrete things I can do to make myself feel better was such a huge relief.  Especially after every single “Specialist” I saw told me either I’d be fine in three months, or maybe something else was wrong with me.  Just to have someone tell me I wasn’t imagining it all, and more importantly giving me the blueprint for how to go about my life dealing with my head injury was so unbelievably helpful.

Jake D from NYC

Although my brain injury was incurred through the stresses and chemical treatments of chemotherapy, Dr. Denton’s book “Brainlash” has been my constant companion”.  I have read many books on mild brain insult and the similarities between what Dr. Denton explains (in simple to understand language) and other forms of brain injury is a very real help to anyone suffering from those symptoms.  My continued involvement with Dr. Denton as a personal consultant has brought about an even better realization of different modalities I have incorporated such as vitamin supplements, diet, exercise, crainal sacral and massage therapy which, over time, have helped my brain recover.  I highly recommend her book(s) and consultation to give you the confidence you may need to help yourself with the healing process.

-Karen R from Arizona

Hi Gail, all your tips about lighting and the ear plugs have been such help.  As was the suggestion for white noise. I have also  been going to a DO for cranial sacral work and it has helped the buzzing somewhat and I can go to certain restaurants, at their slow times, and not need the ear plugs.  But mostly what our conversation gave me was hope for the future.

I am in a 12 week Heart Healthy program…  It is helping me to get back into moving and learning how to choose portions and eat with a healthy outlook at food.

You are a Star!!!!”

-In Peace, Penni E. from Colorado


A Guest Review by Dr. Amy Price, Ph.D.

“Brainlash: Maximize Your Recovery from Mild Brain Injury, 3rd Edition”

Brainlash is a patient friendly practical manual on how to recover from brain injury. Brain injury is frightening and personal. Instantly you are treated differently and will find that at times even you do not understand your actions. Those that have travelled this path need a hand to hold unto. This book is like that hand. It is full of encouragement, innovative ideas and practical support. Here brain injury survivors and those that love them will find common ground. Brainlash is restorative and inspiring. Dr. Denton not only shares ways to live with today’s frustrations but also ways in which to reclaim your future.

A TBI can challenge self esteem and self respect. Dr. Denton supplies tools to learn to rebuild from the inside out.

Brainlash gives practical ideas on how to cope with changing physical senses and unpredictable emotions. Dr. Denton shares how to relearn lost skills like reading and counting and spelling and even playing with others. There are sections on ways to recover when you are drained and how to reset your thinking when it gets stuck.

The author shares not only the victories but the paths she took to get there and how to handle the road blocks on the way. She shows how brain injury changed her way of learning and how she used even the days of darkness to build back her life.

Brain Injury was a part of my personal past, Brainlash was an important weapon in restoring my future. Today I work as a brain scientist and clinician. I thank Dr. Denton for her sharing her journey. It was a force for reshaping my future. I recommend this book to  anyone with a brain injury.