What is the Life Coaching service?
Life Coaching for MTBI is a review of the patient’s condition, the therapies and care they may have tried so far, and where they want to go and what they can do to optimize ‘the new them.’
Dr. Gail Denton, author of “Brainlash: Maximize Your Recovery from Mild Brain Injury”, 3rd edition, has been serving the MTBI community for 20 years, offering her insights and suggestions to TBI sufferers. This new Life Coaching service extends personalized assistance to individuals, providing customized guidance in the navigation of productive lifestyle choices while acknowledging and addressing the needs of the brain injury within it.
Meeting with Dr. Denton, whether in person or by telephone consultation, gives you one-on-one time with a compassionate fellow traveler, with the experience to offer productive suggestions for possible additional therapies and lifestyle accommodations that may enhance your recovery and improve your overall life experience.

How does Life Coaching help me?
A Life Coaching session with Dr. Denton will give you fresh options, additional strategies, new considerations for choices you can make and a sense of ownership and personal power in the decisions to be made in your life going forward.
Dr. Denton will ask you briefly about your initial injury, other subsequent injuries and the therapy path you have experienced so far. She will then guide you towards additional or newly considered approaches that may offer additional relief from pain, sensory overload, environmental adjustments, mobility challenges, cognitive struggles and lifestyle dilemmas.
Consider Dr. Denton your new team member, offering you a broad perspective of your experience so far and the horizon of possibilities before you. From your conversations, she can offer new choices, encouragement, affirmation that ‘you are not crazy’ and ‘you are not making this up’, and a host of referral opportunities to revitalize, strengthen and support you on your way.
This Life Coaching service focuses MTBI survivors towards a therapeutic course of action which aims to maximize positive outcome.

What about “Brainlash” the Book?
The book itself, “Brainlash: Maximize Your Recovery from Mild Brain Injury” is now in its 3rd edition, and has been on the market serving the needs of the MTBI community for over 15 years. Available on and other online retailers, as well as independent bookstores and local public libraries. Dr. Denton initially self-published “Brainlash”, then over time gained the support of the medical publishing community.
The current 3rd edition is a generously enhanced and edited volume, with additional chapter topics and updated resource listings. The 3rd edition is now also available in a    Large Print version, as well as Audio, Kindle and Braille. See the section “Brainlash the Book” for a detailed listing.

What is Life Coaching for a brain injury?
Different from general Life Coaching, which focuses on relationship, business or personal growth goals, Life Coaching for MTBI is focused on you having the most appropriate tools, support and organizational guidance to effect a workable program of recovery. Life Coaching helps you gain mastery over your life going forward.

How do we get started?
The fastest way to get started is to email Dr. Denton with your request. She will offer you a phone or office appointment. Her fee is $90 per hour. Payable by PayPal or USD Check.
Typically a session lasts one hour, and when helpful, additional 15 minute increments are available.

What will I gain from our sessions together?
Your sessions will provide you with a concrete roadmap of choices, considerations, lifestyle adjustments, and possible referrals of appropriate professionals in your area who can assist you in your next steps. Your recovery efforts will be more consolidated, organized and focused. Economy of effort for maximum results is the goal.
Understanding your therapy history to date makes it helpful to offer recommendations for therapy options you may not be aware of or understand to be of benefit. And certain therapy or lifestyle choices may not be easy to obtain in your area.

What can I expect, short term and long term, from MTBI Life Coaching?
Short term expectations include a fresh examination of progress to date based on previous therapeutic and lifestyle efforts on your part. Most likely, a modified plan will emerge, refocusing your efforts, reorganizing your therapies, adjusting your living and working environments, seeking advocacy and support from new sources, and learning how to manage and rebuild your energy over time.
You can expect to meet from 1-4 times, typically.
Long term, the general idea is for Dr. Denton to be available for occasional consultation to affirm and support your ’right track’ efforts. You are welcome to check in with brief 15-30 minute sessions from time to time, as your needs change and additional help or updates seem appropriate.