Internet Radio Interview

I was interviewed by Michael Pipich, MS, LMFT. His radio show, called “Breakthrough with Michael Pipich” is being broadcast today through the VoiceAmerica Network. He is a Colorado mental health professional who reaches out to the broader internet community with topics of interest to professionals and family members alike.

Brainlash” was today’s topic, and we spoke at length about the importance of MTBI detection, treatment and lifestyle strategies. It was a pleasure to speak with him, as his breadth of knowledge and experience with MTBI sufferers and their families is impressive. It was so great to chat with another professional who really ‘got it’ about life with MTBI.

You will enjoy this recorded interview, and I hope you learn new and beneficial things that will help you and your family to understand the helpful lifestyle choices that make MTBI a manageable facet of your life, as I have learned for myself.

Follow the links to the show, and enjoy hearing more about “Brainlash”!  I’m sure you will also enjoy Michael’s other topics as well, as you browse for more information on his site.

Online Interview.
Breakthrough with Michael Pipich.
Michael Pipich, MS, LMFT