Dr. Gail L. Denton is dedicating this period of her professional career to MTBI Life Coaching, reaching out to brain injury survivors with a guiding approach to maximizing recovery and enhancing life experiences.

Writing “Brainlash: Maximize Your Recovery from Mild Brain Injury”, now in its 3rd edition, not only gave her an organized way to recover from her own accidents, it prompted countless requests for formal advice and support from others in her situation. “Brainlash” grew out of her journals and professional frustration at her own recovery, as she attempted to navigate back to full health while finding scant guiding protocols some 20 years ago.

Her MTBI Life Coaching services continue to answer the questions and address the needs of MTBI sufferers and their families to this day, focusing on individual cases and listening to each person’s journey. As new strategies and emerging technologies address the needs of MTBI survivors, Dr. Denton points her clients in the direction of those approaches showing results. With a ‘big picture’ approach, the path traveled is merged with the opportunities of the choices yet tried.

Dr. Denton is a fellow traveler, with a background in 30 years of private practice as a psychotherapist, a hypnotherapist, a natural foods pioneer, an early adopter of supplements and complementary medicine, and a keen observer of emerging  recovery modalities.

In her professional career, she has spoken to groups around the country about MTBI, written articles, taught classes and workshops and presented her ideas to survivors, family members and allied professionals focused on MTBI.

Her energetic, humorous and straight-talking approach appeals to all her listeners, cutting to the chase on diverse concerns, saving time and effort by offering realistic organizational tools that focus recovery planning and get results.

In her spare time, Dr. Denton reaps the fruits of her recovery strategies, having the energy to enjoy outdoor sports like hiking, skiing, canoeing, kayaking, bird watching, gardening and travel. She also enjoys making multi-media art, using varied approaches and mixing artistic tools and mediums. Choosing natural dyes and earth pigments, fabrics like silk instead of canvas to paint upon, she is venturing into the world of gallery-quality art. Of course, because she loves being outdoors, plein air art is a big attraction.

She also enjoys long trips in her RV with her husband, Dan. Not to worry, however. She still offers her MTBI Life Coaching while on the road. Technology is a wonderful thing. All she needs is a few bars on the cell phone and she is in business to help you, no matter where she might be!